Wood Shavings for Horse Bedding

Wood Products, Wood Shavings | 18 October 2018

There are many methods used to pad horse stalls, with one of the most popular approaches being the use of wood shavings for horse bedding. At Valley Carriers, we supply many different types of mulches and wood shavings that have a variety of uses, including stable and stall bedding.

Horse Bedding Basics

Different horses require different types of stable bedding. Some alternatives to wood shavings include straw, pellets, stall mats, shredded paper, moss, and hemp. Each material comes with its own set of pros and cons: while straw is soft and easy to work with, it is also a problem for horses that tend to eat their bedding; hemp is soft and absorbent, but expensive and not readily available. Wood shavings provide a well-rounded product that is soft, cheap, inedible, and easy to clean, and they can be used in conjunction with any of the other stall padding materials.

The Purpose of Horse Bedding

Unless it is for a sick or old horse, horse bedding is not primarily for horses to lie down on. The primary purpose of stall lining is to make it easier to handle waste by absorbing moisture and urine. Some horses like to spend more time in their stalls than outside, so it is important to pick a bedding style that best suits your horse.

Criteria for Horse Bedding

In order to be effective, horse bedding should meet the following criteria:

  • It needs to be safe for the horse to stand on (not too soft)
  • It should be comfy for the horse to lie down on, if necessary (not too hard)
  • The material should absorb moisture
  • It needs to be readily available and replenishable
  • You are going to need a lot of it, so it needs to be inexpensive
  • It should be decomposable
  • It should not be too dusty
  • It needs to be easy to handle and clean

Why Wood Shavings?

Wood shavings for horse bedding can be laid on thick and still provide a stable surface for horses to stand and walk on, but they still function as an absorbent liner when spread sparingly. Wood shavings are also easy to handle and clean up. They are biodegradable, easily available for cheap from most landscaping suppliers, and if you select the right type of shavings, they do not produce too much dust. An added bonus is that wood shavings typically smell better than most other stable lining material.

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