Wood Mulch: Getting to Know the Different Types

Getting to know the different types of wood mulch can help you make the best decision for your gardening needs. At Valley Carriers, we offer a wide range of landscape supplies, including mulch supplies, for all different types of gardens.

Types of Wood Mulch

Mulch is a type of organic product that is applied to gardens for decorative ground cover, soil improvement, and to conserve water usage. Some of the different types of wood mulch available include:

1. Bark Mulch

One of the most popular types of wood mulch on the market is bark mulch because it is both aesthetically pleasing and good for the garden. Bark mulch tends to have a nice even, natural colouring that offers even more appeal than dyed wood chips. This type of mulch is also a great choice for water conservation, as it works to provide a solid barrier against moisture evaporation.

2. Cedar Mulch

Cedar mulch is also an excellent choice for most gardens, as the natural oils in the mulch work to repel insects, such as moths and termites. While cedar mulch tends to be more expensive than other types of mulch, the extra expense may be worth it if you are looking to prevent pests from hanging around in the garden.

3. Coloured Wood Mulch

If you are particular about the appearance of your garden, coloured wood mulch might be the right solution for you. This type of mulch is usually composed of wood chips or shredded wood that has been dyed an attractive reddish colour.

4. Natural Coloured Wood Mulch

Natural coloured wood mulch is made up of naturally coloured wood chips, making it much cheaper than the coloured mulch alternative. This type of mulch offers the same benefits of other mulches (moisture retention and composting properties) but does not carry the same hefty price tag.

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