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Valley Carriers carries a large selection of wood and bark mulch products, including wood chips, sawdust, shavings, and mulch products. If you are looking for quality recycled wood products for your private or commercial properties, Valley Carriers has just what you need.

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What you can expect from our wood & bark mulch hauling team of professionals

We are constantly sourcing our supply of wood and bark mulch products to ensure we have what you need. We want to create a great customer atmosphere. That is why we take the time to get as much information from you, the customer, before we deliver, making sure the whole experience is easy and smooth.


Wood & Bark Mulch Products

We carry a wide variety of wood residuals that can be used for multiple purposes. Our wood products include:

Sawdust & Wood Shavings for Farms

  • Sawdust and shavings for bedding in horse stables, cattle pens, chicken barns, etc.
  • Hog fuel for riding areas, horse paddocks, and roadways
  • Wood chips for drainage and pathways

Mulches & Peat Moss for Growing

  • Mulches (composted and fresh) and sawdust for potting mixes
  • Peat moss
  • Mulch for ground cover around blueberry plants (cedar and whitewood)

Bark Mulches for Landscaping

Wood Chips for Commercial Applications

  • Wood chips for biofilters
  • Woody biomass for biofuel to be used to produce heat and power

Wood Chips for Playgrounds

  • Engineered playground chips (available through distribution agreements with Klassen Wood Co)

This is why you should work with us

Valley Carriers has been in the wood industry for 55 years and offers a large fleet of trucks and trailers to haul all types of wood residuals. All of our skilled equipment operators are professionally trained and take pride in providing the best customer care. We want to ensure they are getting exactly what they need, so that we can create lifelong customers. We live by our values of humility, change, growth, collaboration, and faith.