Wholesale Hog Fuel for Farms and Landscaping

Wood Residuals | 4 May 2017

Are you looking for a good product for building up your farm and landscaping, so that you and your animals can avoid the mud on those rainy days? Then Valley Carriers’ wholesale hog fuel for farm and landscaping might just be the solution you’re looking for.

What is Hog Fuel?

Hog fuel is an unrefined mix of coarse chips of bark and wood fibre that can be made up of any type of wood by-product or waste, but can’t be categorized as wood chips, wood shavings, bark mulch, or sawdust. While the most common use for hog fuel is to be burned as fuel in biomass-fired power plants, hog fuel is also great for lining horse riding grounds, paddocks, dog runs, and even paths and temporary roads.

The type of hog fuel that is best used for farms and landscaping is made when the material left over from cedar shakes and shingles is ground up by a machine into a fibrous material. Hog fuel is a perfect footing material for winter paddocks and animal confinement areas, or for high traffic areas such as gates and watering points. Using hog fuel to build up footing can help decrease the amount of mud being created and allow for surface water to drain through.

Hog fuel is also extremely ideal to use in paddocks as the natural composting process of the hog fuel contributes to the breakdown of the nitrogen in the horse’s urine and manure. This process helps keep harmful runoffs from being released into the environment, while also keeping that strong ammonia smell out of the paddock.

Replacing Your Hog Fuel

Hog fuel is an organic product, which means that, over time, it will decompose and you’ll need to replace the product that you already have. Each year, you will have to replace at least a portion of your hog fuel (probably not as much as the year before). One of the downsides of this is that, after a time, you will also end up with a build-up of fine, organic material. To deal with this build up, every couple of years you may have to remove the hog fuel from your property, either by hand with a shovel or with the aid of a tractor and front loader (depending on the amount). You can easily remove the highly decomposed hog fuel during the summer months and add it to your compost pile or garden.

Buying Hog Fuel for Your Farm and Landscaping

When buying hog fuel for your farm or landscaping, try to avoid buying any hog fuel made from lumber, building materials, or mill ends because these may contain metal, nails, or other foreign and sharp objects. If you are planning on buying wholesale hog fuel for farm or landscaping purposes, or if you have any questions about hog fuel as a product, please contact Valley Carriers at 604-853-1075. In addition to hog fuel, we also offer log hauling, trucking, and other wood and mulch products.