Where to Buy Wood Chips for Landscaping?

Using bark mulch or wood chips for landscaping can give a site a great looking solution for ground cover as well as provide nutrients for a garden, weed control, and a soft landing pad for children at play. For this reason, it is useful to know where to buy wood chips for landscaping purposes. Valley Carriers provides a variety of different types of bark and wood products for commercial, institutional, and agricultural clients all across BC, Washington, and Western Alberta.

Where to Find Landscaping Wood Chips

Depending on the volume of wood chips that you require, there are a variety of options for buying wood chips for landscaping projects. In some cases, driving to a distribution centre with a pickup truck is a great option for smaller projects. This option allows you to have complete autonomy over timing for the load as well as placement, but it does require more work and time spent on your end. Driving to the centre, filling the truck, and emptying it at the jobsite all take time. If your job is big enough, having the load of wood chips delivered to you can be much more efficient. In this case, all you would need is the company’s phone number.

Wood Products in Landscaping

There are many different types of wood products and residuals used in landscaping. Bark mulch, wood chips, and wood shavings are all readily available to be delivered to your worksite. While each type of product can be used for a variety of purposes, they are all suited for a specific use.

Bark Mulch

The most common wood product used in landscaping is bark mulch. This wood residual is perfect for most types of landscaping because it looks attractive and comes in a variety of compositions, meaning it works well with a wide array of plants. It is nutrient rich and provides a great barrier for weeds when applied properly.

Wood Chips

Wood chips are used less for gardening than bark mulch, but they are perfect for playgrounds and ground cover. Wood chips are soft and spongy, making them perfect for children to play on, and they also look great as a natural ground cover for trails and pathways.

Wood Shavings

Although wood shavings do not last as long as most other wood products for landscaping, they are perfect for agricultural use. Due to their softness and ability to absorb moisture, wood shavings are commonly used in horse stables, cattle pens, chicken coops, and any other setting that involves animals.

If you would like more information on where to buy wood chips for landscaping or any other application, or if you are interested in any of the other bulk materials that we provide or our hauling services, please contact Valley Carriers at 604-853-1075.