What is Mulching and its Advantages?

Bark Mulch, Landscape Supplies | 20 September 2018

Getting to know about mulching and its advantages can help you create a more fruitful and abundant garden. At Valley Carriers, we understand the true benefits of mulching. That is why we offer a wide range of landscape supplies and products, including different kinds of mulch.

What is Mulching?

Mulching is adding a layer of decaying organic matter on the ground or in the garden in order to significantly improve the well-being of plants and reduce garden maintenance. As a nutrient-rich, moisture-absorbent bed of decaying forest leaves, twigs, and branches, teeming with fungi, microbial, and insect life, mulch can serve as a nutrient bank that slowly releases its nutrients, making them available to plants.

The Advantages of Mulching

Some of the main advantages of mulching include:

1. Controls Weeds

Mulching your garden or landscaping can be a great way to control weeds, as the mulch can act as a barrier that limits the amount of sunlight weeds can receive. This means that, through the use of mulch, you can limit the amount of weeds that pop up in the garden.

2. Retains Moisture

Since both organic and non-organic mulches can be used to cover the soil and limit evaporation, mulching is ideal for helping to retain moisture in the garden. Consider mulching during hot, dry seasons to help your plants flourish, while spending less time and money on watering your garden.

3. Maintains Soil Nutrients

If you are using an organic mulch, it will help prevent nutrients in the soil from being washed away with the rain, while also releasing more nutrients into the soil, as the organic material slowly decomposes.

4. Controls Pests

Certain types of mulch, such as cedar bark, can help deter pests, as the mulch has natural oils that act as insect repellant. If you are looking to reap the full benefits of controlling pests, consider choosing a type of mulch that is very fragrant, as these tend to have the greatest effect on insects.

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