Sustainable Forestry Practices in Canada

Sustainable Forestry | 22 February 2017

As a company that offers log-hauling, wood recycling and land clearing services, Valley Carriers understands the significance of sustainable forestry practices in Canada. Canada’s forests have large environmental, economic, social, and cultural influences on our country. Moreover, many of Canada’s most important resources come from our forests. It is important to ensure that these resources are both protected and sustainable for the future. In order to gain a better understanding of sustainable forestry practices in Canada, Valley Carriers explains sustainable forest management, the importance of sustainable forestry practices in Canada and how Valley Carriers is doing its part. Learn more below.

What is Sustainable Forest Management?

With new research and studies taking place each year, sustainable forest management best practices are constantly evolving. At its core, sustainable forest management involves the maintenance of forests and their resources for long-term health with regards to environmental, economic, social and cultural aspects.

The Importance of Sustainable Forest Management

According to the Government of Canada, Canada is home to 10% of the world’s forested area and is the largest exporter of forest products. Sustainable forest practices ensures that Canada is able to maintain its forest-product exporting at a healthy level for years to come. Sustainable forest practices help support permanent jobs for Canadians and a healthy environment. Thanks to sustainable forest practices put forth by both federal and provincial governments, Canada is a global leader in sustainable forest management.

How Does Valley Carriers Practice Sustainable Forestry?

At Valley Carriers, we are proud to maintain environmentally sound logging practices and a high degree of compliance with the British Columbia Forest and Range Practices Act, Forest Practices code and other environmental regulations.

To learn more about sustainable forestry practices in Canada, please contact Valley Carriers at 604-853-1075. Valley Carriers supplies a variety of different wholesale wood residual materials including sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips and hog fuel. At Valley Carriers, we also offer wood recycling, log hauling and trucking services.