Sawdust for Landscaping Purposes

Wood Products | 15 February 2018

Sawdust for landscaping purposes is a cheap material that is perfect for a wide range of different landscaping projects. At Valley Carriers, we know that wood products, including sawdust, are a great resource for both gardens and landscapes. That is why we carry a wide range of different landscape supplies.

Sawdust as Mulch

If you find that your garden is full of weeds that will not seem to go away, sawdust might be the perfect solution. Sawdust works wonders as a natural weed suppressant, as it knits together in a way that allows water to penetrate the surface, while also denying weeds any rays of sunlight. It is important to note that sawdust can seduce the nitrogen from soil, so if you are thinking about using sawdust in your garden, make sure to put down some manure or bone meal first.

Sawdust Paths

Sawdust is a great alternative to gravel for creating picturesque pathways through any garden, especially since it adds a touch of softness. If you are thinking about creating a sawdust pathway in your garden, you will need a heap of sawdust that has been tamped down and left out in the weather to improve. Once the sawdust path has been laid, it can be dampened to keep it in place until it begins to hold shape on its own.

Sawdust for Kid Play Areas

When it comes to creating a softfall area for kids to play, sawdust is the ideal material. This is because sawdust is a soft, absorbable material that will not harden over time like other materials, such as sand. Sawdust will also become compact enough that it will not be carted across the lawn and into the house, but not so compact that it will lose its softfall feature.

Sawdust for Chicken Coops

One of the best landscaping uses for sawdust is to use it as a floor covering in chicken coops. Since sawdust is a natural product, it will break down over time, making it easy to replace. Sawdust is also a better option for chicken coops than straw or hay because it will help keep odours at bay for longer.

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