Log Hauling Services: Why Experience Matters

Log Hauling | 8 August 2017

At Valley Carriers, we understand that there is nothing more important than ensuring the safety of your shipments and our drivers. That is why we only offer log hauling services that maintain high quality, efficient, and environmentally sound logging practices. Over the years, we have come to realize that, when it comes to log hauling services, experience matters. At Valley Carriers, we make sure that all of our drivers are properly trained to handle all kinds of log hauling problems in the most reliable and safest way possible.

The Importance of Log Truck Inspections

Before any of our truck drivers start a new job, they are required to complete a thorough walk-around inspection of their log truck in order to ensure that it is safe to operate. Some of the truck parts that are inspected on a daily basis include:

  • Steering apparatus
  • Lights and reflectors
  • Brake boosters
  • Brake hoses and connections
  • Reaches
  • Bunks
  • Stakes
  • Bunk blocks
  • Lift straps
  • Couplings
  • Cables
  • Tires

Proper Log Loading and Unloading Procedures

Since serious injuries can easily occur during the loading and unloading stages of log hauling, all of our professional drivers and team members have been trained to minimize or eliminate any hazards that might cause bodily harm. Some of the ways in which our drivers and team members can eliminate risks are to:

  • Avoid overloading trucks
  • Use a front-end loader or grapples to stabilize the load when securing or loosening binders
  • Use unloading cages
  • Use adjustable height stakes
  • Make sure loads are built up in a stable manned and kept within the stakes

Our drivers are also responsible for ensuring that there is a safe area for log loading and unloading, and for following the communication systems established with the loaderman. When outside of the vehicle, our drivers are required to wear personal protective equipment, and to give a proper radio channel to ensure that all workers are in the clear before leaving the site.

Log Hauling Services from Valley Carriers

At Valley Carriers, we always put safety first. That is why we work so hard to ensure that all of your log hauling needs are met in a safe and efficient work environment, and that all of our employees meet the high degree of compliance with the British Columbia Forest and Range Practices Act, Forest Practices Code, and other environmental regulations.

If you would like learn more about our log hauling services, or if you are interested in any of our other products and services, please contact Valley Carriers at 604-853-1075. In addition to our log hauling services, we also offer wood recycling, wood and mulch products, and trucking services.