Landscaping Stones and Rocks

Landscaping stones and rocks can offer an excellent appearance for a yard or garden. By using smaller stones, such as river rock or lava rock, you can create a ground cover that is attractive and low maintenance, while larger rocks make excellent accent pieces when set against bark mulch. At Valley Carriers, we understand that transporting the necessary amounts of landscaping material needed to finish a project can be challenging, which is why we handle the bulk shipping of all kinds of wood and bark mulch supply and other landscape supplies.

Why Use Landscaping Stone and Rock

Landscaping rock not only is attractive looking but also eco-friendly. Whether you are creating a walkway or looking for low maintenance ground cover, landscaping rock is an excellent solution that is better for the environment than most forms of concrete and brick. Stone and rock for landscaping can help to hide dirt, keep weeds under control, provide yard drainage, and frame plants or other landscaping features. Some bigger types of stone or rock, such as boulders or flat pavers, can be used to provide yard accents or centrepieces, pave walkways, build retaining walls, cover dirt patches, or create blockades. Landscaping rock comes in a variety of sizes, colours, and types and it is an affordable way to improve the aesthetic of your yard.

Types of Landscaping Rock

Professional landscapers use all kinds of stone and rock for various purposes and to give yards unique looks. Some types of rock are better suited than others depending on whether the purpose is function or beautification. Some of the more common types of landscaping stone and rock are:

  • Granite
  • Drain rock
  • Bird’s eye pea gravel
  • River rock
  • Navi Jack
  • Crusher
  • Lava rock
  • Rainbow rock
  • Flagstone
  • Boulders

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