How to Install a Rock Landscape

Landscaping rock is an excellent option for groundcover that is attractive and low maintenance. Laying rock can be labour intensive work, so it is good to know how to install a rock landscape to save yourself from any unnecessary struggle. At Valley Carriers, we provide a variety of services in hauling for logging, heavy equipment, and landscaping products such as bark mulch and landscape rock.

Procedure for Laying Landscape Rock

By laying landscape rock in a garden properly, you can create a durable and attractive garden scape that is resistant to most weeds and requires very little upkeep. The steps for laying landscaping rock are:

1.     Remove Any Old Groundcover

Before purchasing your new landscape rock, you will need to prepare the surface that is being covered. This step will vary from job to job, as a different procedure is required to remove sod than to remove bark mulch. Remove any weeds that are left and tamp the earth to create a hard surface for the rock to lay on.

2.     Measure the Area Being Covered with Rock

Use a measuring tape to measure the width and length of the area. Make sure that you order enough landscaping rock to make the surface deep enough to allow the rock to settle. Place your order with a landscape product supplier and make sure that you know whether the order is being delivered or picked up.

3.     Install New Plants

If you want to plant any new flowers or shrubs, it is best to do so before laying landscape rock. Moving and digging under rock groundcover is difficult, so any new installations should be planted before any rock is laid.

4.     Spread Weed Barrier Fabric

In order to prevent weeds from growing through your landscaping rock, lay down sheets of weed barrier fabric, also called landscape fabric. For the best and longest lasting results, get fabric that has good lasting power. Landscape fabric with a lasting power beyond 10 years is a good option. Cut holes in the fabric around your newly planted shrubs.

5.     Lay the Landscape Rock

To lay your landscape rock, place piles at different point along your surface. Use flat shovels and hard rakes to spread the rock as evenly as possible and be careful not to harm any new plants. The heaviness of landscaping rock means that it may settle unevenly, so you may need to adjust the rock later for an even surface.

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