Buying Wood Products in Bulk

Bulk Supplies, Wood Products | 7 September 2017

Buying wood products in bulk can be a great way to save money, especially if you own a farm or a large property. At Valley Carriers, we offer a wide variety of wood products for multiple purposes that can be purchased and delivered to you in bulk, including hog fuel, wood chips, bark mulch, sawdust, and wood shavings.

Bulk Hog Fuel

Hog fuel is a wood residue and waste product that is processed through a wood chipper or mill, which produces coarse chips and clumps that are typically used for fuel. Hog fuel can also include elements of bark, sawdust, planer shavings, wood chunks, fines, and dirt. The most common use for hog fuel is to fuel a boiler, often in combination with natural gas; however, hog fuel can also be used in horse riding grounds and paddocks, as well as dog runs and paths.

Bulk Wood Chips

Wood chips are a great organic material that can be used in all kinds of garden and home applications, such as:

  • Mulch – can help your plants retain water and stay warm. Wood chips being used as mulch can also help suppress the growth of weeds.
  • Composting material – wood chips contain a great deal of carbon, so they are great for breaking down and enriching the dirt, making it more nutritious for plants.
  • Walkways – wood chips will even out the ground and provide weed suppression in the garden and lawn areas.
  • Decor – wood chips can be used in the construction of furniture and works of art, providing visual interest with their variable shapes, colours, and patterns.
  • Play area surface – wood chips are a natural alternative to crumb rubber, and can help provide a safe non-slip surface for kids, as well as cushion any falls that may occur.
  • Erosion control – use wood chips to create a barrier to prevent soil loss, especially during heavy rains, while you explore better drainage options.

Bulk Sawdust

Sawdust is an inexpensive product that offers many practical garden uses. When used properly, sawdust can be used to store crops, repel pests, and deter weeds. Some of the many uses for sawdust in the garden include:

  • Amend your soil – adding small amounts of sawdust to your soil can increase organic matter and improve its texture.
  • Compost – sawdust is considered a “brown” (carbon) material, which can be added to alternating layers to help balance out the “green” (nitrogen) materials, such as grass clippings and food scraps.
  • Discourage weeds – sawdust, especially from hardwoods like walnut trees, is a natural weed killer.
  • Mulch – sawdust has an acidifying effect on the soil and is a goo choice for mulching around acid-loving plants such as conifers, blueberries, strawberries, and rhododendrons.

Bulk Wood Shavings

Just like sawdust, wood shavings can be used in gardening to conserve moisture, prevent weeds, and keep the plant roots cool. Wood shavings are most often used for pet bedding because it is a soft material that makes a comfortable space for pets to rest or sleep on.

If you would like to learn more about buying wood products in bulk, or if you are interested in one of our other services, please contact Valley Carriers at 604-853-1075. In addition to our wood and mulch products, we also offer log hauling services, wood recycling, and trucking services.