The Benefits of Buying Wholesale, Natural Bark Mulch

Bark Mulch | 26 January 2017

Since 1963, Valley Carriers has been supplying wholesale, natural bark mulch made from premium fir and hemlock trees to a variety of important industries that includes agriculture, landscape, paper and pulp industries. What began as small, family-owned business is now a large supplier and transporter of wood residuals throughout Abbotsford, Mission, Maple Ridge, and British Columbia’s interior, employing over 100 people. Through its growth, Valley Carriers has remained true to its roots. This means supplying high-quality, natural wood products that are of high value to many different industries.

Valley Carriers’ bark mulch is high-quality

Bark mulch is often used for a variety of different applications including gardens, playgrounds and other surfaces. Valley Carriers only carries the highest-quality wholesale, natural bark mulch made from premium fir and hemlock trees. This high-quality bark mulch is much more effective at retaining moisture while inhibiting the growth of weeds in comparison to other mulch carried at local hardware stores. It also does a better job of providing the soil with important nutrients which will have a valuable long-term impact on its fertility. For a high-quality bark mulch that will greatly improve both the appearance and performance of gardens and other surfaces, Valley Carriers is the superior choice.

Valley Carriers’ bark mulch is both natural and organic

Since organic bark mulches are made from ingredients that were once living, they will not last as long as regular mulch and will eventually decompose; however, the addition of natural, organic bark mulch is of far more value because of the nutrients it adds. Unlike regular mulch, natural bark mulch that comes from fir and hemlock trees is a healthy choice with plenty of long-term benefits for gardens and other surfaces, such as temperature control and soil enrichment. Gardens consist of many different forms of life; therefore, it makes sense to add organic mulch to a garden as opposed to regular mulch made from plastic and other materials that were never alive.

For more on the benefits of buying wholesale, natural bark mulch, please contact Valley Carriers through our website or give us a call at 604-853-1075. We carry a variety of wholesale, wood residuals, supplying companies in the agricultural, landscaping and paper industries. These include sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, hog fuel and more. We also provide trucking, log hauling and wood recycling services in different areas throughout British Columbia. For wood residuals and wood transportation services, we’ve got you covered.