The Benefits of Buying Landscape Supplies in Bulk

Bulk Supplies | 7 July 2017

Whether you are looking to buy mulch, soil, or rocks, buying in bulk has its benefits; however, do not assume that buying in bulk means that you have to buy enough product for the entire neighbourhood. At Valley Carriers, we understand how buying in bulk can be of great benefit to our customers, and we want you to fully understand the benefits of buying landscape supplies in bulk as well.

1. Uniform Landscape Supplies

When you buy bulk materials, the product ends up looking the same, which is not the case when you buy you landscaping supplies in smaller batches. In most cases, buying your landscape supplies in smaller portions means that the product colour and texture will be different. Through buying bulk, you reduce your chances of your product looking different because you can get your entire product from one batch. Buying in bulk from an expert, such as Valley Carriers, also means that you will have someone there who can help you figure out exactly how much product to get for your project, as well as transport the bulk supplies right to your front door, so that you will not run out of supplies half way through.

2. Save Money Buying in Bulk

In most cases, buying in bulk is the cheaper option compared to buying landscape supplies by the bag. This is partly because, when you buy in bags, you always have to get the next bag to complete your project. Buying in bulk allows you to buy exactly how much you need, rather than having to buy however much the bag contains. Choosing to buy in bulk also gives you the opportunity to buy your landscaping supplies from a local store, which is great for the community and the economy.

3. High-Quality Landscape Supplies

While most people probably think that you would end up with lower quality products when you buy in bulk, the opposite is actually true. This is because, when you buy in bulk, you can touch and see the product before you buy it. If you buy your product in a bag, there is no guarantee that it will be the quality and colour that you are expecting. Since you can see the product before you buy in bulk, the store or lot where you are buying it from will hold their supplies to a higher standard.

4. Having Your Bulk Supplies Delivered

When you buy in bulk, you do not have to worry about spending a beautiful summer day hauling each bag into your car to get home, only to spend more time unloading them one by one. Buying in bulk from a lot gives you the option to have your products delivered right to your door.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of buying landscape supplies in bulk, or if you are interested in any of our products, please contact Valley Carriers at 604-853-1075. In addition to our bulk supplies, we also offer log hauling, trucking, and wood recycling.