Safety First: Achieving Premium Carrier Status

Company News | 6 January 2024

Safety has consistently been a core value at Valley Carriers, and we are proud to announce our recent accolade for our unwavering commitment to safety. We have been granted admission into the Premium Carrier Program, a recognition that distinguishes us among the elite carriers in British Columbia who hold outstanding reputations with WorkSafeBC, ICBC, and the National Safety Code program.

The Premium Carrier Program is an exclusive and esteemed status, reserved for a select few carriers who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to safety. This program plays a pivotal role in enhancing road safety by acknowledging and rewarding carriers that consistently prioritize safety above all else.

We are thrilled to have our efforts in promoting safety acknowledged within our industry. This recognition serves as a testament to our unyielding commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees, customers, and the communities we serve. At Valley Carriers, safety remains our top priority, and we will continue to uphold this core value, ensuring that it underpins every facet of our operations.