Wood Residual Hauling

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Valley Carriers is a specialty transportation company with hubs based in Merritt and Abbotsford, British Columbia, and operations reaching into Alberta and Washington. We specialize in the bulk transportation of wood residuals. Learn more about us.

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Transportation services for logs, bulk wood residuals, and more

We haul bark mulch, hog fuel, peat moss, grain, sawdust, logs, heavy machinery, and more. Since 1963, we have provided reliable transportation solutions.

Providing top quality wood residuals

Valley Carriers provides and delivers bulk wood residuals, such as wood chips, sawdust, hog fuel, and land clearing grindings that are transported from the forest to the city. Since 1963, we have worked to minimize waste of these natural resources by reusing this material in agricultural and industrial applications. We screen, chip, and blend top-quality wood residuals to suit your needs.

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What makes us different
– in a good way!

Our business is built on a backbone of high values and relationship focused customer service

We know that customer service is key to continued business. That is why we take care of our customers by following our company values of collaboration, humility, change, growth, and faith. As we follow these company values and principles in business and in our lives, we cannot go wrong. When customers give us feedback, we listen. This keeps them coming back and spreading their great experiences with others.


Connected to our community and passionate about making a difference

Klassen Foundation

One of our goals is to give back to our community just as our founding partners did. We give to camps, churches, clean water projects, youth programs, and more. We created the Klassen Foundation so that we could provide an inclusive opportunity for employees, customers, vendors, and family members to give on a united front.


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